Terms and Conditions



1.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Subscription (hereinafter referred to as "T&C") are entered into between, on the one hand, the company Wizorg LTD, registered under number 12553665, with its registered office at Flat 168 The Circle Queen Elizabeth Street, London, SE1 2JL UK (hereinafter referred to as "THE COMPANY"), and, on the other hand, the customer qualifying as a consumer (hereinafter collectively referred to as "The Parties" or individually as "The Party").

1.2. These T&C govern transactions made on the website accessible at the following address: https://facteur24.co (hereinafter the "Site") by a consumer customer, including Product Orders and subscription to the Subscription. From the Site, the Customer can benefit from a solution for sending letters.

1.3. These T&C aim to define the conditions under which the Provider provides the following services (the "Services") to Customers:

They apply, without restriction or reservation, to all services provided by the Provider to Customers. These T&C are systematically communicated to any Customer who requests them. Any order for Services implies the Customer's acceptance of these T&C on the Provider's website. The information in the Provider's catalogs, brochures, and rates is provided for information purposes and may be revised at any time. The Provider is entitled to make any modifications that it deems necessary. In accordance with applicable regulations, the Provider reserves the right to deviate from certain clauses of these T&C, depending on negotiations with the Customer, by establishing, if necessary, specific sales conditions.


2.1 The Provider undertakes to make the Site accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of maintenance, breakdown, unforeseeable circumstances, connectivity issues, and in any case of force majeure. In such cases, the Provider's responsibility cannot be incurred by the User.

2.2 The application used by the Provider simply verifies the compliance of the sender's and recipient's addresses (presence of the 3 necessary pieces of information: address, postal code, and city). If a potential issue is detected (e.g., sender and recipient addresses are identical), the User will receive an email asking them to confirm the information or make corrections.

2.3 The Provider commits to strict confidentiality regarding the identity of its clients and their mail when preprocessed within the Provider and the application it operates. However, the Provider subsequently uses La Poste's digital services, which print the documents before sending them. During this phase, the Provider cannot expressly guarantee that the User's mail will not be seen either accidentally or due to technical necessity (paper jam, PDF generating errors in the automation application, etc.). Therefore, the Provider advises the User to assess the importance of their mail and refrain from sending documents using the Provider's Services if absolute confidentiality is required.


3.1 As indicated on the homepage and in the "Pricing" page of the website, the Services are offered through a subscription that is non-binding and can be canceled at any time.

3.2 From the first online order on the Site, made after the User (i) has been able to (i) view the summary of their order and (ii) accept these T&C the subscription starts automatically, and the User can access all services for the entire subscription period.

3.3 The subscription price is €39.90 including VAT per month, deducted monthly.

3.4 The Customer subscribes to the subscription for an indefinite duration, renewing for thirty (30) clear days from the first order. This subscription is automatically renewed for an identical period of thirty (30) clear days each month until the Customer cancels it.

3.5 The User can cancel their subscription at any time, without notice, without charges, and without any other formality, by sending an email to the email address contact@facteur24.co, or from the Unsubscribe page of the website.


You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time without prior notice or associated charges. To do so, simply unsubscribe from our Unsubscribe page or send an email to contact@facteur24.co, expressing your cancellation request.

Please note that the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current month and may result in the forfeiture of any remaining credits mentioned in Article 3 that you have not yet used.


Services that result in an immediate provision are not eligible for withdrawal or a refund (Article L 121-21-8 1° of the Consumer Code), except in cases of technical issues attributed to Wizorg LTD. In such cases, any unused credits will be reimbursed to the client. However, credits that have already been utilized for one or more fully executed services by the company before the withdrawal period ends cannot be refunded. Consequently, in accordance with Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, the client must provide prior consent for the service to be executed and explicitly acknowledge waiving their right of withdrawal concerning the sending of letters, as the service will have been fully performed. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the client must send a written request via email to the following address:

Wizorg LTD Flat 168 The Circle Queen Elizabeth Street, London, SE1 2JL, UK


6.1 The use of the site allows for sending regular letters (standard mail), tracked letters, registered letters with acknowledgment of receipt within metropolitan France and internationally.

6.2 Letters are printed on white A4-size (21cm x 29.7cm) offset paper, either in black and white or color, as per choice. Printing can be done on one side of the page or on both sides without affecting the price. For letters weighing less than 20g, a maximum of 2 pages can be sent, while letters weighing less than 50g can contain a maximum of 8 pages.

6.3 The mailing rates for your letters are as follows and may be revised without prior notice in case of postal rate changes. Prices are indicated in euros (€) including all taxes (TTC).


Regular letter within metropolitan France:

Tracked letter within metropolitan France:

Registered letter within metropolitan France:


7.1 Timely Mail Processing

If the mail is correctly prepared and without errors requiring User correction (examples: sender and recipient inversion, insufficient image resolution), and if the sending request is made no later than 05:00 PM (Monday to Friday), the mail can be printed and sent on the same day as the request. Otherwise, it will be processed on the following day (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

7.2 User-Correctable Errors

In case of errors requiring User correction, the User is directly notified via email, requesting them to make the necessary corrections. If there is no response within thirty (30) days following the notification to the User, the User will be considered to have waived the sending.

7.3 Address Page

As part of our mail sending process, we include an address page containing essential information. This address page includes the sender's address provided during the sending request, their name, first name, and/or company name, the order reference, and the name of our website. Its primary purpose is to ensure clear identification of the sender upon receipt by the recipient. We take all necessary measures to ensure that the address page is correctly positioned inside the envelope, accompanying the letter or mail. The precise placement of the address page (first position) is chosen to ensure its visibility and facilitate identification during mail processing and delivery. Please note that the information provided by the User for the sender's address will be used exclusively for identification and mail delivery purposes, in accordance with our privacy policy.

It is important to emphasize that adding the address page aims to facilitate understanding and management of the document during distribution. However, it is the responsibility of the client to provide accurate and complete information regarding their mail. We disclaim any responsibility in case of client failure to provide the necessary information for proper mail delivery.

7.4 Timeline for Deposit Proof and Access in the Client Space

We wish to inform our users that proof of deposit for registered mailings may not be immediately available. Our reliance on La Poste's services may result in a processing delay of approximately one week. Upon receipt of the deposit proof from La Poste, it becomes accessible to users through a download link in their client space. We are dedicated to providing this deposit proof as swiftly as possible, ensuring transparency and traceability for mailings conducted via our platform.

7.5 Timeline for Obtaining the Postal Tracking Number

Users should be aware that the timeframe for obtaining the postal tracking number may vary due to internal procedures within postal services. Typically, this timeframe ranges from 1 to 4 business days. This delay does not imply that the mail hasn't been dispatched; instead, it pertains to the time it takes for postal services to assign tracking numbers. We commit to promptly make the tracking number available within the client space once provided by postal services. Our efforts are directed at minimizing this delay and ensuring swift tracking information updates.


8.1 The User must have a functioning computer system capable of using the Site and a suitable internet connection.

8.2 The User commits to complying with relevant legal and regulatory provisions, including those concerning senders, recipients, and the content of mailings. Sending mail with unlawful or public order-violating content is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, anonymous letters, threatening or offensive text, illustrations without proper rights, pornographic, racist, pedophilic, violent, or otherwise prohibited content as per laws and regulations. The Service Provider reserves the right to alert authorities if illegal content is detected in a letter.

8.3 Before confirming a shipment, the User should take necessary precautions. This includes selecting the delivery mode (standard, tracked, registered), adhering to specified mailing deadlines, verifying content and attachments, and confirming recipient identities and addresses.

8.4 Once mail is prepared, the User receives a proof to review, displaying the final printout. After User validation, the Service Provider bears no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

8.5 Users must exercise caution when sending time-sensitive mail. In such cases, Users should inform the Service Provider, who may confirm the feasibility in writing. Otherwise, the Service Provider cannot be held responsible. The mailing date corresponds to the date the mail is handed over to La Poste (processing by the Service Provider), not the order date.

8.6 Consequently, the Client acknowledges that:


The Service Provider holds intellectual property rights over the Site's content. Users agree to reserve their rights for private, non-commercial use, subject to the rights granted by the Services. Copying, reproducing, modifying, or exploiting the Services or Site, in whole or in part, for any purpose, is expressly prohibited. Violations may lead to civil or criminal actions for intellectual property infringement.


Personal data collected from Clients undergoes computer processing by the Service Provider. This data is vital for order processing and is retained for security and compliance with legal obligations. It is kept for the duration necessary to execute orders and any applicable warranties.

The Service Provider acts as the data controller, and access to personal data is limited to authorized employees based on their duties. Third parties involved in subcontracted tasks may access data but are obligated to comply with data protection laws. Apart from these cases, the Service Provider refrains from sharing or selling data to third parties without Client consent, except in legitimate circumstances.

If data is transferred outside the EU, the Client will be informed of measures taken to secure the data, such as adherence to the "Privacy Shield," use of standard protection clauses, or other applicable safeguards.


It is important to emphasize to the User that the Service Provider acts solely as an intermediary and technical service provider, offering mailing solutions to Clients through the Site. The distribution of mail is delegated to a partner company, a subsidiary of the La Poste group.

The Service Provider commits to delivering a high-quality service, especially concerning the verification of the compliance of emails sent by Clients before dispatch. However, it cannot guarantee flawless delivery of all postal mail due to various factors, including human errors, technical glitches, data entry mistakes, network issues, and delivery errors by third-party postal services.

Wizorg LTD, registered as Number 12553665 at Flat 168 The Circle Queen Elizabeth Street, London, SE1 2JL UK, shall not be held accountable for undelivered mail or delays in mail delivery. It cannot be liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from errors, delays, or postal delivery issues. Additionally, we recommend Clients to keep copies of all electronic or postal emails, PDFs, and scans sent through our Services, as we cannot provide copies in case of loss or non-delivery.

The liability of Wizorg LTD is, in any event, limited to the value of the purchased service. By utilizing our Services, the User agrees to release Wizorg LTD from any liability for errors, delays, or postal mail delivery problems. The User acknowledges that Wizorg LTD cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from these errors, delays, or delivery problems.


12.1 These online Terms and Conditions are drafted in the English language and will be executed and interpreted in accordance with English law. Disputes will be brought before the competent courts in such matters, with the understanding that if the Client is a merchant, the courts of Carcassonne will have exclusive jurisdiction.

12.2 Articles L.611 to L.616 and R.612 to R.616 of the Consumer Code regulate the consumer mediation process following the transposition of European Directive No. 2013/11/EU of May 21, 2013, regarding alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes.

12.3 Consumer mediation refers to an out-of-court dispute resolution process in which a consumer and a professional attempt to amicably settle a dispute with the assistance of a third party, the mediator.

12.4 It is an alternative to often lengthy and costly legal action. However, the consumer still has the option to bring the matter to court if mediation fails.

12.5 In case of a dispute, you can request mediation through electronic means or by postal mail using the following contact information:
Company Médiation Professionnelle
Website: https://www.facteur24.co/
Address: Flat 168 The Circle Queen Elizabeth Street, London, SE1 2JL UK

12.6 Furthermore, in case of a dispute, we reserve the right to provide all necessary evidence to your bank and/or payment service provider to confirm transactions and resolve the dispute appropriately.


For any inquiries, uncertainties, or questions, the User can contact Wizorg LTD via email at the following address: contact@facteur24.co. Wizorg LTD undertakes to respond promptly.


These Terms and Conditions are expressly agreed upon and accepted by the Client, who declares and acknowledges having perfect knowledge of them, and, therefore, waives the right to rely on any contradictory documents, which will be unenforceable against WIZORG LTD, even if Wizorg LTD has knowledge of them.


When it comes to online mailings, it is essential to understand that the 100% sending guarantee of compliant documents may be affected by certain factors, such as the presence of hidden elements in the PDF document or the flattening process of the document.

Flattening a PDF document is a process by which a commented or annotated document is prepared for distribution. Annotations and commented elements are merged with the main content of the document, effectively embedding these elements within the document itself.

However, flattening a document can lead to the loss of specific visual or interactive elements. For example, if your PDF document contains videos, clickable links, or other interactive elements, these may be lost or may no longer function after flattening.

Dynamic elements like drawings, attachments, text boxes, notes, stamps, layers, text annotations, forms, 3D objects, movies, redactions, or code may not be interpreted by our software. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any issues related to data alterations during the mail processing.

We strongly advise that when sending documents in PDF format, you consider the aforementioned points. It is recommended to carefully review your PDF document and, if possible, provide a version without dynamic elements.


This Terms And Conditions was last updated on April 20, 2023. We reserve the right to modify it at any time to provide up-to-date information on how we collect and process data.